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Reds | PRO Matte Lipstick

Reds | PRO Matte Lipstick

PRO MATTE Lipstick is a thin, lightweight creamy gloss formula that glides over the lips smoothly & Dries quickly to an Ultra-Matte finish.



It is Water-Resistant and Transfer-Proof, so it is guaranteed to last for up to 16 hours!


Shades vary on different skin tones. May appear lighter on darker skin tones & darker on lighter skin tones. 


Directions: Apply a THIN layer evenly to BARE lips. Tap lips together to Blend while wet. Keep tapping until dried.


 Allow lip color to dry once desired consistency is achieved. Do NOT blend once dried. Lip color will begin crumbling if too much product is applied to lips.



Makeup Artist Tips:

  • Exfoliate & Moisturize your lips before applying.
  • Line your lips first using a lip pencil 1 or 2 shades darker than matte lip gloss shade. Then apply the color as desired.
  • Mix colors to create customized shades and ombre looks.

How to create an ombre lip: Apply a darker shade to the outside & and a lighter shade to the inside



Rule of Thumb: Don't apply too much on your mouth, or it will go south. (Crumbling may occur if too much product is applied or product is reapplied on top of a previously dried layer)

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    Expected to ship by the end of July
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